club calves

THANK YOU to all those exhibitors who purchased their steer and heifer projects from us in 2014. We look forward to seeing you in the winner's circle in 2015!
2015 Calf Crop Preview

We are excited to present steers and heifers sired by Walks Alone, Dakota Gold and Unstoppable! Check back for more updates throughout the spring.

13C Steer

STeer - Tag 13C

Unstoppable x Shorthorn x Hereford

49C Heifer

Heifer - Tag 49C

Dakota Gold x Manchild

70C Heifer

Heifer - Tag 44C

Walks Alone x Who Made Who

70C Heifer

Heifer - Tag 70C

Walks Alone x Highliner

53C Steer

Steer - Tag 53C

Walks Alone x Tyson x Hereford

15C Bull

KMS Shift 46U 15C

Capiche x Swagger (PB Shorthorn Bull)

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