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One of our best groups of prospect steers is available soon. Give us a call at 403-845-5239 and come for a tour!

Semen & Embryos

KMS Buccaneer 07S 38D
Semen for Sale: $35/unit (minimum 5)

A TH & PHA free Monopoly x Swagger registered as a 50% Appendix Shorthorn. Recommended for use on 'dirty' club calf females or power females needing more structural soundness, extension, flexibility, bone and eye appeal. Buccaneer will sire attractive and balanced show heifers that go on to become production powerhouses.

KMS Timber 953 63F
Semen Packages: $750 for 10 units (Inquire for Junior, Commercial and Volume Pricing)

THF, PHAF & DSF Click for pedigree Without a doubt, there are some show ring heavy hitters on the bottom side of Timber’s pedigree, but his real value will be in proliferating traits that Shorthorn breeders have been working hard on for many years – increased fertility without an excess of feed, milk flow and udder quality, more centre body and fleshing ability, and moderate birth weights with the capacity to grow. His EPDs put him in the top 40% of the breed for BW, the top 20% of the breed for WW and $F(Feedlot Index), the top 10% for YW and Milk, and the top 30% for YG. Born easily with moderate birth weights, his first calves look extremely promising and consistently display his tremendous bone, stoutness, soundness and docility. Limited semen packages are available in Canada.

LSF Vici WMW 75X
Embryos Available sired by Unstoppable

Calves eligible to be registered as Mainetainers. Full siblings to the 2018 Canadian Western Agribition Grand Champion Mainetainer Female.

LSF Ruby 727X 25E
Embryos Available sired by Icon

Calves eligible to be registered as Mainetainers. Out of the 2018 Agribition Champion Mainetainer Female and the exciting new sire Icon. Calves from this mating will hit the ground in spring 2021.